19 March 2011

Dear Astrid,

I am up to response # 9.

Response #9

This one was super quick. I flipped your collage counter-clockwise and used the neat silhouette to make a wet paper water color.
I needed a break from writing and reading. Enjoy.


13 March 2011

Dear Diana,

So,I had a hard time photographing magazine paper, and my scanner and computer don't want to be friends anymore, something about upgrading and moving on... As you can see its like the same thing you did but only different and then flipped upside down because i liked the fray up top. Exactly the same but different, but the same, I think you get it.

I hope I get to see you this week, it would be kinda lame if I didn't.


12 March 2011

Response # 8


Here is a quick painting based off of the composition of your piece.

Keep me updated about next week.

See you soon,


06 March 2011

Dear Diana,

So uh finally right? So sorry. This isn't what I was gonna do but that would have taken too long and I'm about to get kinda busy I think. So i figured I could stop pussyfooting and just post something. here you go, sorry for the delay. Also, ps. Still want to go to Ny during your spring break? I'm probably gonna go to see some art that week so I figured you should also come if you can and have time. If not, I would love to see you here in Philly and I guess you can say goodbye to the house you loved before we move out in June?