19 March 2011

Dear Astrid,

I am up to response # 9.

Response #9

This one was super quick. I flipped your collage counter-clockwise and used the neat silhouette to make a wet paper water color.
I needed a break from writing and reading. Enjoy.


13 March 2011

Dear Diana,

So,I had a hard time photographing magazine paper, and my scanner and computer don't want to be friends anymore, something about upgrading and moving on... As you can see its like the same thing you did but only different and then flipped upside down because i liked the fray up top. Exactly the same but different, but the same, I think you get it.

I hope I get to see you this week, it would be kinda lame if I didn't.


12 March 2011

Response # 8


Here is a quick painting based off of the composition of your piece.

Keep me updated about next week.

See you soon,


06 March 2011

Dear Diana,

So uh finally right? So sorry. This isn't what I was gonna do but that would have taken too long and I'm about to get kinda busy I think. So i figured I could stop pussyfooting and just post something. here you go, sorry for the delay. Also, ps. Still want to go to Ny during your spring break? I'm probably gonna go to see some art that week so I figured you should also come if you can and have time. If not, I would love to see you here in Philly and I guess you can say goodbye to the house you loved before we move out in June?

18 February 2011

Dear Diana,

Dear Diana,

I'm super late getting back to you but I promise I wil have something in the next few days. Meanwhile, check out this guy.


I love and miss you very much,


01 February 2011

Response # 7

Response # 7


Sorry it took so long. Here is my response. The pattern reminded me of flocked wallpaper at first glance so I tried to do something with that.

Hope you are well.


29 January 2011

Dear Diana

Dear Diana,

I think this one is pretty obviiii, I took your image blacked it out and used the shape...

How's school so farly?

26 January 2011

Dear Astrid,

Response # 6

Response # 6
Grad school is taking over again.
This response worked out better than I thought it would.
I am glad you liked your birthday gift.


PS: Don't forget to click the image to enlarge.

22 January 2011

Dear Diana

So, thanks for the birthday present, i had a lot of laughs.

Ok, so i chose to respond to the red rings around your three circles although the first one reminded me of a teat. It took me a while to get a good idea and then longer for good enough light to photograph it but here it is..

18 January 2011

Response # 5



So, the spring semester has begun. I apologize in advance for the delayed entries that will occur.
For this response, I tried a bunch of things and none of them were all that exciting. This one had potential and could probably lead to something else more interesting. I figured I would leave that "something else" to you. After stepping away from it and coming back to it later, I thought that it really reminded me of rocks and minerals. I don't know if you ever had a similar experience during childhood of trying, with all your might, to draw your favorite rocks and failing miserably...but, after working like this, I came to the conclusion that "drawing" rocks with watercolor and acrylic could be the solution I was looking for. Can't wait to see what you do with that.


15 January 2011

Dear Diana,

So, it took me a while to respond because I just didn't know where to start, I had so many ideas! but here is a trio. The first three I did, because I had to limit myself three and respond, but if I make a super cool one I'll update you with it.
Also, Justin laughed really super hard at this picture and I it reminded me of you and our metal band Butt Whiskers and their hit song, Pizza Road kill. Anyway, Good luck with school and Super DUPER ConGahRaths!! on your JOB!

13 January 2011

Response # 4



For this one I tried to recreate the bleed shape and pattern that you got around your piece. It looks better in person. For some reason I could not for the life of me get it to scan with the correct colors. It is a bit lighter than this with more even tones. ....technology....


PS: I got the job! :)

10 January 2011

Dear Diana

So, I've made a couple of these and have plans for more but i'll just post the first. Good ol' red square, the paper warped a bit but I promise it is a square.

It was good to see you and I'm sorry I missed you at Matt's show, but hopefully I'll see you again soon. Also, did you ever end up doing anything with that acetate thing I started? And feel free to mail me(not that you have my address) something to finish/change.


07 January 2011

06 January 2011

Dear Diana

Dear Diana,

Here is a more loose response as promised. As far as holepunching I am really excited about the one I'm working on except for I don't have the pattern I used before which I really wanted to but that is o.k. I suppose.



Hmm...envelopes, eh?


So, here is my response. I had a million ideas. I decided to laboriously design and make my own envelope as inspired by your piece. Only, instead, the pattern is all on the outside. The mismatched grid on the folds was supposed to be the only part indicating what it is. Can't wait to see what you do next with that great new hole puncher of yours.

04 January 2011

Dear Diana

So this took me longer than I hoped, I'll try to keep the next one a little more loose. So, I took a found pattern on an envelope and hole punched it. It is the ol' cross-hatch that I guess was supposed to look hand drawn and may have been at one point, but that was long ago. It reminds me of a drawing I did a while back similar to this one . Kinda like it but different. Like the same, but not.

I can't wait to see you tomorrow,