10 January 2011

Dear Diana

So, I've made a couple of these and have plans for more but i'll just post the first. Good ol' red square, the paper warped a bit but I promise it is a square.

It was good to see you and I'm sorry I missed you at Matt's show, but hopefully I'll see you again soon. Also, did you ever end up doing anything with that acetate thing I started? And feel free to mail me(not that you have my address) something to finish/change.



  1. I'm sorry my response is taking so long. I have been running around getting ready for school. Also, I'm pissed and sorry that it doesn't look like I'll be able to visit one last time before school starts.

  2. That is ok and I'm not worried. As long was you can post every so often to keep it going then it isn't a big deal. I have other stuff I can work on.